The saying, “truth is stranger than fiction” may be overused, but resonates with most creative types.  I can’t count how many times I day I use the phrase, “you can’t make this stuff up,” which is another form of the same thought: that what actually happens in life is often so far out there that, if we wrote it down and labeled it fiction, no one would find it believable.  Think about the coincidences you encounter as you move through your day, or the ridiculous things people choose to wear, or the things they say to each other.

I write.  And I take from life, as all writers do.  Sometimes I hear a couple having an argument, or I get an impression that I don’t want to forget, or see a sight that is begging to be memorialized.  I keep note of these things, and they make their way into the stories I write.  (This does mean that if you know me, chances are I’ve written down something you’ve said or done somewhere and you might recognize a line of dialogue or a scene in one of my stories one day.  Live with it.  Or be flattered.)

So here are those things I see and hear and feel.  Keep track of them with me.


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