Training Buses

December 8, 2008 at 2:13 am (Uncategorized)

Friday, I totally saw TWO buses dislodged from the electric lines (I call them “training buses” because they are always on the electric leash).  Two of them.  The drivers were standing there with giant poles and trying to get the arms back on the wires.  I saw one accomplish his objective, but drove around the other.

Still.  Two?  I’ve never seen one like that before.  Two in one day?  What could it mean?


  1. metheus said,

    Stranded electric busses: minus 4. But plus 1 for giant poles.

  2. metheus said,

    And minus 1 for misspelling “buses”.

  3. joanarc4 said,

    One accepted spelling of the plural of bus is “buses.” Pffffbt. And for some reason, “busses” looks stupid to me, so I don’t use it.

  4. metheus said,

    Well, waddaya know. I actualy thought *I’d* misspelled “buses” as “busses.” Which I agree, looks stupid.

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