Oh, goodness…look at my wrist

July 31, 2008 at 4:58 pm (Uncategorized)

So time has passed.  Lots of happenings have occurred.  The highlights (drumroll, please):

Best Internet-Released Musical Starring Neil Patrick Harris Ever

Seriously.  Just watch it.  I defy you to resist singing along.

Best Processional Song Used At a Wedding This Year

Falling Slowly, from the movie Once.

Best Superhero Movie Villain Ever

Heath Ledger.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he will win an oscar for this performance.  Oh, and if you haven’t seen it in IMAX…wait.  Why haven’t you seen it in IMAX?

Best Houseguest of the Summer

He installed an air conditioner and figured out the Roomba, both without being asked.  You know who you are.  Hey, I’ve been meaning to move a bunch of heavy boxes…

Best Performance By a Bunch of Ducks (or was it geese?)

Making a flashy water landing three feet from the dock where we were watching fireworks at sunset on the fourth at a 30th birthday party.  The birthday girl said, “ooh!  Do it again!  More ducks!”


  1. metheus said,

    Loooooooook around, we’re livin’ with the loooooooooost and found…

  2. joanarc4 said,

    Just when you feel you’ve aaaaalmost drowned, you find yourself on soooolid ground…

  3. joanarc4 said,

    Ok, so now Honda is sponsoring the free site. It just gets better and better (I have a Honda CRV…I kinda love Honda).

  4. Carrie said,


    So how can it be that you… have shown me the liiiight?

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