Observations From a Night at the Theater

April 28, 2008 at 10:34 am (Uncategorized)

The award for the most-bored-with-his-job ticket taker goes to the guy who took our tickets.  We walked up to him and he stared vacantly into the distance for ten seconds before paying attention to us.  (He never did look at us).  I held out the tickets, and he raised his little scanner and scanned the ticket without taking it, and then returned to staring vacantly into the distance.  I said, “there are three of us” and got no response.  Then I separated out the tickets, and once again he scanned them without taking them.  Once inside, two of the three of us burst out laughing.  He may have been an audio-animatronic robot.

The award for the most surprising moment goes to the two police cars that, despite the lack of traffic, were driving slowly down the sidewalk along Tremont St. and the Common.  As a pedestrian, I certainly didn’t expect to have to avoid automobiles on the sidewalk.

The award for the coolest piece of self-referential (satisfying) comedy goes to the Drowsy Chaperone’s “Man in Chair,” who, while snacking on a Nutri-Grain bar, comments that he hates intermissions…and then the show doesn’t have one (I don’t much like intermissions either).


  1. melga said,

    The ticket taker, man…
    I honestly thought they had hired the mentally challenged as ticket takers. That would be cool. Give employment to those who may not otherwise be able to find employment… and then he spoke… and I realized, no, he was just an idiot who couldn’t care less about taking tickets.

    A little jaded, buddy? Maybe you should work at a movie theater.

  2. metheus said,

    Sadly, he’s one more disaffected, apathetic night away from plunging from “bored with his job” over the brink of “hates his job”. Then he’s not so amusing anymore.

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