Heloise’s Helpful Hints

March 27, 2008 at 12:43 pm (Uncategorized)

Here’s one.  When you’re pushing a cart in the busy parking lot of a supermarket, and it’s dark out, and you’re talking on the phone, even if you have the intelligence of a cucumber, do not blindly cut across the lane ignoring the car that has more than half backed out of its space and has to slam on the brakes not to smash you into pulp.  The nice young woman who is driving the car and trying not to hit you has a harder job when you’re an idiot.  Plus, she’d rather not scratch up her new car as a result of the stupidity of others.

Sheesh.  Now I feel bad for insulting cucumbers.


  1. Sara said,

    Ok, this is just asking for all my idiot driver/pedestrian stories…I could write a book of what not to do when dealing with drivers (as a pedestrian) or dealing with a pedestrian (as a driver), or even dealing with other drivers! I see several such instances every day on my way to work!!

  2. ~Sue-Leigh said,


  3. metheus said,

    I’ve been making up car accessories for this sort of thing for most of my driving life. Recently I imagined having a car ringed all the way around with many pairs of robotic arms. They would be totally covered with cushy foam, and have big foam mascot hands. They’d spend most of the time folded up against the body of your car, like people standing with their arms crossed.

    But when they sense a fool walking into your path, they unfold and push them out of the way. It’s okay too if they get pushed to the ground.

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